Tuesday 3 February 2015

Bas Kosters statement collection

image: Team Peter Stigter
‘Permanent State of Confusion’

Bas Kosters never lets his audience down, he rather adds it up. He presented a visual spectacle full of colorful creations, monsters, customized strollers, supermarket carts, dolls and his own face as a backdrop. This was perhaps his best show so far, showing his creative world and joyful mind.

The collection focuses on re-use of material and material research. By combining materials from old collections with fabrics, prints and reworking these fabrics with intensive embroidery, a new highly concentrated tactual experience is created, which goes beyond clothes or fashion and triggers the imagination.

In 2014 Bas Kosters took a step back and went on a quest to find his own ‘self’. “Who am I, what am I about, and what do I want to do with that?”
The designer visualized and reflected on this search in his new collection. But ‘Permanent State of Confusion’ is also a reflection on the current state of the fashion world. The fashion scene is changing, just like the consumers’ mentality is changing. The research resulted in this statement collection.
“The collection is a new step in fine-tuning the aesthetics and expressive powers of the Bas Kosters Studio,” Bas Kosters explains. “As a statement against the consumer society we live in, I decided to use what’s already there.” The collection is made from overstock, left-over materials from old collections and old art work: a statement from Bas about consumer society.


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