Friday 20 February 2015

Europeana Conference on Digital Fashion Futures

Europeana Fashion International Fashion Conference - Digital Fashion Futures 

The international conference Digital Fashion Futures explored the future of digital fashion initiatives, bringing together a multitude of online fashion platforms and innovative perspectives from the cultural heritage industry.

I was invited to take part in ModeMuze workshop on day two: Virtually Everyone. Prosumers and Fashion Online. Modetated by Rachid Naas (Fashion Council NL)Michelle Labrague (Center for Fashion Studies Stockholm University), Branko Popovic ( BRANKOPOPOVICBLOG/FASHIONCLASH) Jonathan Chippindale (Holition), Steven Dahlberg (JFK magazine) and Ninke Bloemberg (Centraal Museum) we shared our visions on the future of digital fashion future. This discussion went alongside interaction with the audience which gave it more dynamic insight through a variety of thoughts.

Due to the increasing digital presence of fashion online (and the effects vice versa), new roles for a clothing loving audience emerge. Consumers become prosumers, but what exactly is their position in the online domain? And how do different fashion initiatives cope with this new and developing relationship with their ‘users’? Are we making use of the Internet’s possibilities’ full potential, when it comes to networking opportunities and sharing knowledge, inspiration and creativity? 
Ninke Bloemberg, Steven Dahlberg, Jonathan Chippindale,
Michelle Labrague, Branko Popovic and moderated by Rachid Naas

In this workshop, representatives from different sectors in the fashion industry1 joined in on the discussion concerning digital fashion content and the continuously evolving relationship between traditional content makers and the broader audience. Two case studies from the fashion heritage sector, that take have focused on online collaboration and exploration of user relationships, where presented in light of this discussion and function as a foundation to apply ideas and understandings. The workshop’s audience was stimulated to participate, as it is their voice and point of view we where focusing on.

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Europeana Fashion is a network of 22 partners from 12 European countries that represents the leading European institutions and collections in the fashion domain. The network aggregates and provides to Europeana outstanding and rich material about the history of European fashion. By February 2015, Europeana Fashion will have made available online over 700.000 fashion-and costume related items, such as historical dresses, accessories, photographs, posters, drawings, sketches, videos, fashion catalogues, and more. Over 400.000 items are already accessible on and

Impressions of the conference

image by Erwin Verbruggen

image by Erwin Verbruggen

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