Thursday 5 February 2015

Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith

Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith at Fashion Museum Hasselt 

With 'Hello My Name Is Paul Smith' Fashion Museum Hasselt reaches new heights continuing successful exhibitions like Axelle Red, UltraMegaLore, Prints, Collection 02(5) and many more. 'Hello My Name Is Paul Smith' was first staged at Design Museum in London, making it one of the most visited exhibitions of Design Museum.
The showcase, entitled Hello My Name is Paul Smith, stages every chapter in Smith's long career, starting with a recreation of his first shop - a compact three-metre-by-three-metre space that he opened in Nottingham in 1970, which visitors can walk around. The display also features a makeshift version of the designer's office, known for being a myriad of curiosities, full of objects collected from his many travels, as well as artwork, music, bikes and books. Other highlights come by way of a recreation of his design studio and a wall with around 50.000 buttons all manually attached one by one. This exhibition shows insight in Paul Smith work and influences through projections, audio and video clips of catwalk shows and behind the scenes footage and an overview of all the unique Paul Smith shops.
The opening night was a full house with many attendees queuing into the world behind Paul Smith's legendary designs. The exhibition is not a typical fashion showcase where one can wander around dressed mannequins, but rather a road trip through Mr. Smith fascinations and behind the scenes. 'I hope that many youngsters and students will attend the exhibition because I believe it can inspire them to see that inspirations can be found anywhere' Mr Smith stated in his opening speech.

This exhibition was put together by the Design Museum London (curator: Donna Loveday), however the exhibtion in Hasselt is about 400 m2 larger than the British original. The fashion selection was specially expanded for the Hasselt Fashion Museum.

Hello, My Name is Paul Smith is open until June 7, 2015.

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