Thursday 5 February 2015

Jef Montes - Valero

Jef Montes presented his new collection VELERO at Looiersgracht 60 in Amsterdam.

Innovative high-tech materials and expressive forms came together in a spectacular presentation in which water and light played an essential role. For VELERO Jef Montes was inspired by boats and the materials from which they are constructed. The collection contains materials like fiberglass, carbon, aramid, brass, nylon, silk wool, viscose and cotton. His fascination for the the sailboat was sparked by his grandfather, an old fisherman who makes miniature boats.
Fire and water play an important role within the materials. Jef literally made the materials explode and burm, and then decorated the burnt parts with Swarovski crystals. Experiments with water-soluble material and the creation of chemical reactions resulted in innovative fabrics.

The collection was created in collaboration with artists and product designers. Jef abstracted work of artist Simone Albers into graphic color fields, which are incorporated into a fabric that has been developed in collaboration with the Textile Lab of the Textile Museum in Tilburg. Product designer Lennart Bras designed the fabric for shoes, where nylon yarn and brass are processed.
The collection was presented with a catwalk show and followed up with an exposition. The catwalk was covered with a layer of water, which created the reflective effect. The spectacular opening piece showed hoe Jef plays with materials and innovation. The model threw a water-soaked towel around her shoulders and then the dress she wore dissolved and melted down her body, revealing the dark blue dress beneath. The melting of the first layer caused an abstract oil slick.

photography: Peter Stigter

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