Sunday, 1 February 2015

Liselore Frowijn at Amsterdam Fashion Week

Liselore Frowijn debut at Mercedez Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week

While her mind has already been set on Paris Fashion Week show in March 2015 where she will have a show, she had been invited to participate at 22nd edition of Mercedez Benz Amsterdam Fashion Week. In Amsterdam Liselore Frowijn presented her third collection which was inspired by a modern translation of the Triadisch Ballet of Oscar Schlemmer. Furthermore she continues to explore the contrast between sportswear and luxury. Significant signature in her work is the use of material and textile experiment which gives her work a very creative, chic and authentic feel.
 "I my work I try to capture the energy of art, people, music and different cultures and by translating all these aspect into fashion . My dream has come true, my first show is a fact! " stated by Liselore
This was surely the case in Amsterdam where her caused an energetic buzz.

* all images by brankopopovicblog

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