Sunday 1 February 2015

Not Guilty Homme AW 2015/16

Not Guilty Homme AW 2015/15

Created in 2012, Not guilty Homme, is a contemporary menswear fashion brand created by Sebastian Ferraro and Gonzalo Ordoñez, two Argentinians but based in Spain.
With Not Guilty Homme they aim to capture the energy of today's youth culture, while upending traditional concepts of power, race and gender with a look that is both sensual, tough and masculine, mixing sport and strong prints with tailored elegance in a dark colour palette.

For the autumn winter 2015 collection Not Guilty Homme presents an urban-sporty atmosphere  inspired on the hustle and bustle of hectic streets. The black asphalt, the signs and the crosswalks give the character of a solid and strong prints and the dark side of the collection. The color palette this season is restricted to blacks and whites, new patterns for oversized t shirts,  urban concept prints and geometric shapes on classic knit polo shirts. Mixed materials such as leather, cotton and neoprene combinations. Trousers silhouette looks loose with elastic at low and embroidered patches.  Fabrics include wool, cotton and mesh.

Not Guilty Homme is sold in Koon in Korea, Please Dot Not Enter in Los Angeles, Shopigo in Turkey, Noss in Spain, G&B in Italy.

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