Tuesday 3 March 2015

Dries Van Noten - Inspirations at MoMu Antwerp

Dries Van Noten – Inspirations at MoMu Museum Antwerp

The exhibition dedicated to Dries Van Noten held at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris last year has moved to MoMu, a fashion museum in the designer's birthplace of Antwerp. For the first time in his career designer Dries Van Noten shows his oeuvre in an exhibition. Instead of a classic retrospective, the exhibition is an intimate journey into his creative world and an impressive visual insight into Van Noten's inspirations for various key collections.
With various themes the exhibition brings together multiple artistic fields through an assemblage of historical, ethnic, cinematic and geographic references. All this elements are illustrated with a selection of modern and classic art, a number of valuable pieces from the Fashion and Textiles collection of Les Arts Décoratifs museum and film fragments that have inspired the designer throughout his collections.
The exhibtion includes works by artists Yves Klein, Thierry De Cordier, Victor Vasarely, Damien Hirst, Cecily Brown, Pol Bury, Christopher Wool, Hubert Duprat, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and James Tissot. The artworks featured in the exhibition are presented alongside an overview of the most significant pieces of Dries Van Noten's oeuvre.
Today Dries Van Noten is praised as one of the biggest names representing Belgian fashion. He has been showing his collections at the Paris Fashion Week since the early1990's. His shows and collections are some of the most talked about and acclaimed by the international fashion professionals.

Exhibition initiated and realised by Les Arts Décoratifs, Paris (01/03-02/11/14); organised in Antwerp by MoMu - Fashion Museum Province of Antwerp

Dries van Noten – Inspirations runs until July 19 2015.


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