Saturday 28 March 2015

Nuno Gama - ModaLisboa Curiouser

Nuno Gama FW2016
ModaLisboa - Lisboa Fashion Week

Nuno Gama never lets his audience down, taking the credits for the most spectacular show once again, he showed a collection inspired by Knights and medieval ages. Passing by the runways where strong masculine men, some carried predatory birds and owls. Looking back to the collection I mostly enjoyed the plain black looks. After seeing all the show at ModaLisboa it was maybe only at Nuno Gama show that I felt that I am actually in Portugal. Unlike the majority of designers, Nuno Gama is the biggest patriot, fully embraces his Portuguese nationality.
His passion to preserve and celebrate the heritage of his home country is in the core of his work.  With his FW2016 collection Nuno Gama pays homage to Os Lusíadas, the epic poem of 15th and 16th century Portuguese discoveries written by Luís Vaz de Camões.

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