Sunday 26 April 2015

Annelie Schubert Wins Hyères Festival Prize

Annelie Schubert
Annelie Schubert took home the Première Vision Grand Prix at the 30th edition of the Hyères International Festival of Fashion and Photography.
Annelie Schubert was one of 10 international designers competing for the prize, valued at 15,000 euros, a list that was whittled down from around 400 applicants. She is also awarded the chance to work with the specialty ateliers that Chanel controls through its Paraffection subsidiary.
Chloé, a major partner of the festival for the past four years, awarded Prix Chloé (15,000 euros) to German designer Anna Bornhold. Dutch designer, Wieke Sinnige received a jury’s special mention.  Yiyu Chen won Prix de la ville de Hyères.
Dutch photographer Sjoerd Knibbeler won the Grand Prize of Photography presided by Eric Pfrunder, image director at Chanel fashion.

Yiyu Chen © Quentin Saunier

Anna Bornhold © Quentin Saunier

Wieke Sinnige, photo Liselotte Fleur

Sjoerd Knibbeler

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