Saturday, 4 April 2015

Kim Shui

When fashion meets art

The collection explores abstraction of the body to re-contextualize feminine form. As Ellsworth Kelly said “I think that if you can turn off the mind and look only with the eyes, ultimately everything becomes abstract.” By bringing everything back to the most basic and pure form, the body is removed from metaphor and association. It is human form without weight, freedom of space and perspective – “Zero of form”.
 Inspired by Malevich paintings and sketches where the human form is distorted, the garments recreated these forms through outlining. There are areas of space and empty space, convexity and concavity so as to confuse the viewer to the expected relative locations of form and space. Via “holing” and flatness, there are different perspectives from all angles of the body. In some of Malevich’s work, the background or landscape and the human figure are treated in much the same way, and there is a certain geometric rhythm and repetition of forms. These linear geometries were explained through a contrast of form and anti form via the garments through falling pleats. Plywood, chosen for its “blankness”, for its lack of artistic connotations and meaning in art history was bent and molded in order to hold fabric into new shapes. Linens, Animal hide and leathers were used to emphasize the rawness, the deliberate connection to the earth.
In essence, the female body is stripped away from metaphor – deviating from cultural ideals the garments react against accepted forms and proportions.

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