Wednesday 22 April 2015

Photographic festival - PORTRAIT(S) in Vichy

12 June - 6 September 6 2015

With Portrait(s), the city of Vichy steps into the world of photography for the third consecutive year. Portrait(s), which will run from 12 June until 6 September, is the only exhibition in France to focus exclusively on the art of the portrait. Presenting an entire spectrum of different ways of seeing, it celebrates the portrait in its every form, from the most classical to the most startling, building on both the tradition of documentary photography and more conceptual or fictional schemes, and thus offering a splendid group of exhibitions that are both demanding and mainstream.

An international exhibition and photographic rendezvous, Portrait(s) is being held in the galleries of the Centre Culturel Valery-Larbaud in the city centre, in front of the Church of Saint-Blaise and on the Esplanade de l’Allier, in the open air. Bringing to light new discoveries and rediscoveries, the work of both renowned photographers and younger artists, the city offers its visitors to the festival a genuine photographic saunter. Beneath the summer sun, walkers are invited to take part in a stroll punctuated by images in which they will recognize the features of faces of celebrities and nameless people who could be our neighbours.

With the work of d'Elliott Erwitt, Martin Schoeller, Bruce Wrighton, Richard Pak, Alejandro Cartagena, Kourtney Roy, Mat Jacob,Yusuf Sevinçli and many more.

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