Thursday 7 May 2015


The exploration of what defines gender, and how those differences inform gender inequality is at the heart of HERMIONE FLYNN’S new work - (IN)DIFFERENCE.
Her new collection will be presented during FASHIONCLASH Festival in Maastricht (June 11-14).

Motivated and perpetually shocked by both historical and current gender inequality, FLYNN began considering the biological and socially constructed differences between men and women, and how these inform our behaviours today. It is through analysing, dissecting and reversing some of these typically male or female visual symbols that FLYNN challenges how our history of gender determinacy has left an unnecessary residue on the current social environment, - even in apparently liberal societies. From the smallest of details to our innate biological differences, (IN)DIFFERENCE presents a multi-layered visual experience which incorporates a subtle nod, as well as an almighty shout, to the very things that define woman and man.
To celebrate the release of her new collection and online boutique, FLYNN reveals the identity of her model from the recent (IN)DIFFERENCE collaboration as Olympian female bodybuilder, Nathalie Falk. Falk, an athlete of international repute, was featured in six filmic moments that activate the gender-fusing concept of the (IN)DIFFERENCE collection. Berlin based film-maker, Shlager, and renowned Slovakian photographer Evelyn Bencicova joined Falk and FLYNN to capture the model’s unique performance, an art event that confronted gender norms by re-imagining the status and utility of the collection’s keystone garment - the (IN)DIFFERENCE apron.

Art Direction /// Hermione Flynn
Photography /// Evelyn Bencicova
Hair design + make-up /// Adam Csoka Keller
Model /// World-wide Female Boby-Building Champion

Hermione Flynn is a New Zealand born, Berlin based artist and designer whose work reflects a tenacious addiction to the creative process. As a trained performance artist, Flynn approaches each creative endeavour with intellectual and artistic integrity, producing work which is unique in both design and concept.

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