Friday 19 June 2015

CLASH Project 2015

Charlotte Van de Velde – jewellery + objects
7th editon of the CLASH Project during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015. 

CLASH PROJECT, Fashion By Non-Fashion Designer Evert since 2009 Clash project has been one of the highlights of FASHIONCLASH Festival. The project marks the core concept of FASHIONCLASH – ‘connecting talent, disciplines, visions and cultures through fashion’. Each year ten non-fashion designers are invited to express their visions and ideas about ‘fashion’ through fashion outfit. The outcome is always refreshing, captivating and trendsetting.

More information and overview of Clash project archive:

2015 Participants

Mio Fujimaki – jewellery and objects
Anne Büscher – jewellery, objects
Charlotte Van de Velde – jewellery, objects
Stephan Auberg – design
Roos Gomperts – design, ceramics
Jan Pieter Kaptein – design
Nathalie Van der Massen – graphic, textile design
Alexandra Karpilovski – fine art
Juan Pablo Plazas Saenz– installation & performance
Vera Gulikers – fine art

Clash project 2015 is curated by Matylda Krzykowski and Charlotte Van de Velde

Editorial images: Sem Shayne
Catwalk + backstage images: Team Peter Stigter

Roos Gomperts – design + ceramics 

Vera Gulikers – fine art 
Jan Pieter Kaptein – design 
Mio Fujimaki – jewellery and objects
Nathalie Van der Massen – graphic + textile design 
Anne Büscher – jewellery +  objects
Alexandra Karpilovski – fine art 
Juan Pablo Plazas Saenz– installation & performance 
Stephan Auberg – design 

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