Monday 8 June 2015

Fashion Film Night Out - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

ATELIER GATERA – écharpes - MosoTheCat
On Thursday June 11, FASHIONCLASH Festival presents the 2nd edition of #FFNO "Fashion Film Night Out", a special program that puts the spotlight on new short films that fuse the art of filmmaking and fashion design. The curated selection features inspiring and award winning fashion films by new generation filmmakers and artists. Dirk Reynders will introduce the FFNO with a short lecture about 'fashion film'.

FFNO takes place June 11th at 9 p.m. at Lumière Cinema Maastricht.

More information about tickets here: tickets

Participants FFNO 2015

Introduction: short ecture about 'fashion film' by Dirk Reynders

- Pippin and the Pursuits of Life - Femke Huurdeman
The short film features the S/S 2015 collection of designer Maaike Fransen and takes the collection's ethos as its starting point.
- RHIE AW14 / The Purgatory of Monotony - Ace Norton
- DEBUT by Ine & Sanne
- Ellis Faas Beauty Tutorial - Thalia de Jong
- Jumper - Justin Anderson
- David Paulus ss 2015 "On the List" by Juliette Sijnja
- Fashion Junkies - Nina Athanasiou
- Escapisme'13 - Matthijs Holland
- ATELIER GATERA – écharpes - MosoTheCat
- Don´t - Chulius & The Filarmónicos
- Fade to Black - Dirty Design / Lianne van de Laar
- .JPG by Jan Philipp Gerlach - Graduate Collection 2014
- Walkin Through The Walls - Anita Gil-Korynek
- WUETHRICHFUERST x Sébastien Kühne - " Melting the memory of sitting at a table of our grandparent’s living room while watching TV"
- NukeLady – Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello
- Piggy Bags - Lernert & Sander X Jean Paul Gaultier & Eastpak
– Workout - Alessandra Sutto
- RDC Really Don't Care - Alessandra Sutto
- Exaltation – Jasna Rokegem
- The Mutants, a film by AKATAK based on a performance by Lotte Milder
- Autumn/Winter 15/16 - Jiri Kalfar
- FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015 trailer by Strictua
- Fashion Maastricht promotional video by Strictua

DEBUT by Ine & Sanne
RDC Really Don't Care - Alessandra Sutto
Fashion Junkies - Nina Athanasiou 
Fade to Black - Dirty Design / Lianne van de Laar 
JPG by Jan Philipp Gerlach - Graduate Collection 2014

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