Friday 5 June 2015

Museum aan het Vrijthof - FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015

Studio Ikkai, IAEA is a een cooperation project between Studio IKKAI
and product designer  Michal Avraham.
Museum aan het Vrijthof is once again one of the locations during FASHIONCLASH Festival Side Program.
June 6 - 14

The MahV will present several gender related installations by young theatrical performers, designers and artists: Lisa Schamlé, Malou Beemer & Eef Lubbers, IAEA, Luca Tichelman and Hean Kim.
MIJNshop/MIJNcollectie project is also on display at the museum.

On June 14 you can meet the participants from 12am - 1 pm at the museum.

To visit this Museum aan het Vrijthof you need a ticket.

Adults   € 8
Childeren to age 6 free
Childeren 7 - 12 € 2
Teenagers 13 - 18 € 4
Students € 4
Groups (from 15 p.) € 6,50 Museum friends  free
Museumcard* free

Side Program is an accompanying program spread across various locations in Maastricht with pop-up stores, exhibitions, lectures and events in selected boutiques and cultural spots in Maastricht. Most of the locations are accessible for free and open for public during the opening times indicated by the locations. In some locations, you need a ticket, they will be provided by the venue. More information about Side Program: here.

MEAN HEAN by Hean Kim - Student at I-Arts Maastricht
Lisa Schamlé studies performance art at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht. She mostly works with photog- raphy, or as an actress. La voie De La Perspective tries to create a pluralistic understanding of the identity of veiled (Islamic) women. A celebration of the aesthetics of the hijab culture. An invitation for considering the many reasons why women wear them. La voie De La Perspective is a series of self-portraits.

Luca Tichelman, student at Toneelacademie Maastricht, will present one of her performances.

Malou Beemer & Eef Lubbers - Kimbow

Kimbow is an interdisciplinary project between industrial designer Eef Lubbers and fashion designer and researcher Malou Beemer, in which fashion meets technology. Body language and an interactive colour changing textile where the base for a dress which responds to the posture of the wearer. This silent form of communication is amplified by a movement in colour. With this design Eef and Malou show their vision on wearable technology and the future of fashion, and how these industries can strengthen each other on the way to innovation.

Malou Beemer is a Fashion Designer and Researcher who obtained a Master of Arts in Fashion Communication Design. Her concepts are based on observations of movement, interaction and negative space. Often inspired by natural and instinctive human behaviour towards each other and the space around them. She is exploring new possibilities in fashion by combining different disciplines and using new technologies . Her latest research is based in integrating body language in fashion design.

Eef Lubbers is an industrial designer, specialized in combining technology, textile and fashion. She is currently graduating for a master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Her work is characterized by the development of innovative textile and materials which she uses in her designs with a focus on aesthetics and interaction. Craftsmanship is a source of inspiration, which her most known work Unlace clearly shows.

The MIJNcollectie will also be on display at Museum aan het vrijthof in Maastricht from 8 — 14 June during the FASHIONCLASH Festival.

For the Year of Mines (M2015 ) SCHUNCK* initiates an 'update' of the old miners' clothing, in cooperation with Stichting M2015, 100% Heerlen and FASHIONCLASH. The three young designers from Limburg, Linda Friesen, Ebby Port and Gabriel Guevera present their contemporary version of miners clothing as a second skin for Heerlen.

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