Sunday 21 June 2015

VERWEVEN 2015 - Nina Willems

Schueller De Waal
VERWEVEN 2015, the gender edition 

A project of theatrical performer Nina Willems in the context of FASHIONCLASH Festival

What do the clothes you wear tell us about who you are? And what is the role of clothing in relation to GENDER?
For "VERWEVEN", 3 people where asked to tell the stories behind the clothes they wear. How do these clothes reflect their personalities and memories? And how do they use clothes to express their gender?
Every interview resulted in a short film. For every person that is interviewed, one young designer created an entirely new outfit, that reflects their personality.

VERWEVEN 2015 was the opening performance of FASHIONCLASH Festival.
Transgender model Gia Bab took the first steps on the runway this edition wearing creation by David Laport. The performance was accompanied by Bird Gehrl song by Antony and the Johnsons. Following Gia, Milou van Duijnhoven and Selm Wenselaers took the stage. Three beautiful human beings where wearing outfits inspired by their own story. All together an unforgettable experience and perfect embodiment of the festival's gender topic.

For FASHIONCLASH Festival 2015, Nina Willems created " VERWEVEN LIVE", an impressive installation that engaged the visitors of the festival. The VERWEVEN installation invited the visitors

to tell the stories about the clothes they wore at the moment. This short stories where edited right away and included in the installation as short documentaries that show personal stories about the clothes we wear and about the role fashion plays in our daily lives, and in particular how fashion plays a role in our gender expression.

VEWEVEN 2015 designers David Laport, Schueller De Waal and Loes van Nijnatten.

VERWEVEN installation

Loes van Nijnatten
David Laport 
VERWEVEN on the catwalk
image Peter Stigter

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