Tuesday 21 July 2015

NEO NAIL TECH - Future Candy Collection

- Future Candy Collection

NEO NAIL TECH featured two
pieces from my The Passengers collection in their campaign for their Future Candy Collection.

NEO NAIL TECH produces Neo Nails, exclusive 3D Designed Nail Jewelry, a new futuristic and fashionable product. Neo Nails are 3D-printed press on nails with 3D structures on top of the nails. Neo Nails are available in different sizes, designs and colors, which enables you to customize your own set.


lookbook credits
Photography by Karen Kikkert Styling by Cynthia Staats (blue and grey jacket by BRANKOPOPOVIC).
Nail Styling by Frédérique Olthuis.
MUA by Mirjam Meijer — at Studio Ferdinand

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Unknown said...

Prachtig! I LOVE IT!


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