Thursday 1 October 2015

FASHIONCLASH Exhibition in Chengdu - China

FASHIONCLASH presents: Fashion Maastricht
An exhibition curated by FASHIONCLASH, during the Dutch Days in Chengdu (23 – 28 September, 2015 Chengdu – China )

Under the umbrella of the Dutch Days Chengdu, the city of Maastricht celebrated the third anniversary of its sister city relationship with Chengdu by organizing a Maastricht Day. During this days the city of Maastricht will showcased its cultural strengths with presentations, workshops and the FASHIONCLASH exhibition.

This multidisciplinary exhibition represents the quality of craftsmanship and a broad spectrum of fashion design aesthetics of talented designers who are linked to Maastricht by origin or education. The presented work stands out for its textile and material research, innovative tailoring or the conceptual approach. This exhibition gives a glimpse of authentic ideas offered by a new generation of visionaries that are shaping the new history of Maastricht, a city with a long tradition of arts and crafts and known for its sense of style, quality of life and dynamic cultural scene. Most of the featured designers are alumni of MAFAD, the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Among them you can see pieces of the 2015 fashion design graduates, a group of promising designers who present themselves under the name of ‘About 11’.

In addition to the exhibited fashion designs video’s where on display showing highlights of the 7th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival – The Gender edition – including the performance ‘ Tabula Rasa ‘, developed by FASHIONCLASH in cooperation with dance company Project Sally Maastricht and designer Mieke Kockelkorn with the aim to provide the awareness of – and transcend conservative gender roles in our society. Tabula Rasa is a message of freedom. The theme of gender is also expressed in the performance ‘ The mutants’ by Lotte Milder, a student at the famous Maastricht Theatre Academy. The surprising clash of fashion and textile design, video and performance offers an impression of the unique interdisciplinary approach of FASHIONCLASH.

Featured designers: Anna Gregor, Ebby Port, Joelle Boers, Julia Aumann, Julia Schmitz, Linda Friesen, Marlou Breuls, Rachel Prijs, Reinder Schmidt, Renate Cuiper, Schueller de Waal, Strikks

Presented Films:
- MAFAD Graduation Show 2015 by WEDOVOODOO.TV
- The Mutants by Lotte Milder Tabula Rasa ‘Spectrum’ Performance (choreography Martin Harriague, costume Mieke Kockelkorn)

This exhibition is made possible by the city of Maastricht and its policy ‘Fashion Maastricht’ and is curated by FASHIONCLASH.

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