Friday 16 October 2015

Modebelofte 2015 - Performing Advancers

Robyn Priestley
Kick Off Modebelofte 2015 ‘Performing Advancers’ at Dutch Design Week 2015

On October 14th, Modebelofte 2015 kicked off with at a very unique venue, the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven. With this 3rd edition of Modebelofte (meaning ‘Fashion Promise’) under the visionary direction of Ellen Albers, owner of the concept store You Are Here, Modebelofte takes the prominent position as a stage for fashion design within the context of Dutch Design Week Eindhoven.
Curated around a concept of ‘Performing Advancers’ this exhibition shows a range of progressive freshly graduated fashion designers from Dutch and international BA and MA courses  (mostly from Benelux and Uk).
The home of PSV football club, the Philips Stadion will temporarily share its stage with emerging fashion visioniars. However maybe an unlikely location at first sight, looking form the point of the curatorial context this is exactly the perfect venue. This theme ’Performing Advancers' refers to the urge of the human beings for urge performance and performance enhancing innovation. The selection features work of 42 talents who found their inspiration in performing bodies, sportswear and speculation of the future. This young future forecasters are challenging the traditional ideas of the way we dress, the gender codes and the limits of what is humanly possible and imaginable.

Wanna have a sneak peek into the shape of things to come and see how we may look like in the future? Visit Modebelofte 2015 during Dutch Design Week 2015.

Modebelofte 2015 - ‘Performing Advancers’: 
16 October: 10 AM – 4 PM
Sunday 18 October: 17 PM - 9 PM
19 till 25 October: 11 AM- 9 PM
Please note Saturday October 17 the exhibition will be closed due to a football match at the Philips Stadion!

For Modebelofte 2014 and 2015 YOU ARE HERE has teamed up with visual designer Niek Pulles a.k.a. Heyniek and experience designer Harm Rensink. In close collaboration with the YOU ARE HERE team they are the curators and designers of this edition of Modebelofte.

All images by brankopopovicblog.

Modebelofte 2015 - Performing Advancers designers: Nikki Duijst, Fabian Bredt, Bram Vervoort, Olivier Jehee, Marie Sophie Beinke, Laure Severac, Kathryn McGee, Jim Hu, Jessica Walsh,  Jessica Brown, Vera de Pont,Yunseo Choi, Josephine Goverts, Sian Hadnum, Matilda Norberg, Gabriele Skucas, Isabelle Tellié, Hannah Williams, Hannah Wallace, Hannah Curtis, Fatma Kizil, Gabriel Castro, Edoardo Rossi, Dawn Ansuh, Chou Yun Ting, Chisom Ogundu, Charlotte GG Harris,  Calum Whitley, Beth Postle, Anouk van de Sande, Alan Oakes, Tung Trinh, Tone Bjerkaas, Ting Gong, Sofie Gaudaen,  Robyn Priestley, Pauline Choi, Odella Yue, Nneka Okorie, Milligan Beaumont, Matty Bovan, 

Dawn Ansuh
Hannah Curtis
Odella Yue
Kathryn McGee
Hannah Williams
Gabriel Castro
Jessica Brown
Jim Hu
Pauline Choi
Jessica Walsh 
Anouk van de Sande
Sofie Gaudaen, Nikki Duijst, Josephine Goverts, 
James Mitchel
Vera de Pont
Yunseo Choi
Olivier Jehee
Marie Sophie Beinke
Calum Whitley
Gabriele Skucas
Hannah Wallace
Fabian Bredt
Bram Vervoort
Hannah Wallace
Beth Postle
Gabriele Skucas
Chou Yun Ting
Tung Trinh
Milligan Beaumont
Ting Gong
Isabelle Tellié, Yunseo Choi
Nneka Okorie

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