Wednesday 14 October 2015

Nederlandse Dansdagen 2015

Amos Ben-Tal & Sam Eggenhuizen
18th edition of the Dutch Dance Festival took place traditionally in the first weekend of October.
Dance lovers and professionals from Netherlands abroad took over Maastricht during a rather intense weekend that featured 83 performances, 26 companies / choreographers, 17 locations, six premieres, five dance awards, royal visit and a joyful party.Take a look at this after movie - Link.

The festival took off with a stunning opening evening show at Theatre aan het Vrijthof. First performance on stage was the sublime 'The Black Piece' by Ann Van den Broek (WArd/waRD) that took into darkness with sophisticated moves, intriguing visuals and engaging dancers. The Black Piece was the big winner of the festival, taking home the award for the most impressive production and Dioraphte Dansprijs 2015. Second on the programme was one more beauty, 'Inside Out' by Conny Janssen Danst. The evening continued with  Loïc Perela 'Senses' and Tabea Martin 'Field'. Loïc Perela was the star of the opening evening, taking home the award 'Prijs van de Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht 2015'
My Saturday started off with Distinguished Dreams # 2, a co-production project by Nederlandse Dansdagen and Opera Zuid. Three choreographers/dancers and three classically trained singers made two short individual works as duos together. Participants Dario Tortorelli & Veerle Sanders, Amos Ben-Tal & Sam Eggenhuizen, Kalpana & Anna Emelianova managed to surprise and impress with their short works showing potential.
The Dutch Dance Festival Gala on Saturday evening staged the four largest dance companies in The Netherlands; Introdans, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Het Nationale Ballet and Dans Theater 2. Intense but an inspiring evening with royal visit, the Dutch Princess Beatrix as one of the guests.
The winner of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Award 2014, Cecila Moisio, premiered her piece 'Mum's the Word' with a performance that perhaps divided the audience the most. 'Mum's the Word' demonstrates how people wrestle with their emotional inheritance and feelings of shame which are passed on from generation to generation. As a member of the jury I was very excited to see the result of the pitch project. Even though not perfect in all senses 'Mum's the Word' was one of the highlights of the festival, pushing boundaries of contemporary dance through a more narrative approach. Staged in a very well done decor and projections and performed by four expressive dancers 'Mum's the Word' is a promising development of a Cecila's career.
On Sunday I attended 'An Ode to Attempt' by Jan Martens and 'The Garden' by Nicole Beutler. Two very different pieces but both by makers to keep an eye on. As a admirer of contemporary dance this festival offers a great overview of the state of the art of the contemporary dance scene in the Netherlands.

19th edition is scheduled to take place 7 , 8 and 9 October in Maastricht!

Exhibition: Dance through Others’ Eyes/ Intro(dans)costumes curated by Branko Popovic

The Black Piece - Ann Van den Broek

Loïc Perela taking the NDD2015 Maastricht Award

Inside Out - Conny Janssen Danst

Inside Out - Conny Janssen Danst
Dario Tortorelli & Veerle Sanders

Amos Ben-Tal & Sam Eggenhuizen
Distinguished Dreams # 2 participants
Dario Tortorelli & Veerle Sanders
Exhausting Space 'Ivan Perez' 
Mum's the Word by Cecilia Moisio

Mum's the Word - Cecilia Moisio

NDD 2 - 'Mutual comfort'
Scapino Ballet 'Kha'
Jan Martnes - 'An Ode to Attempt'
Nicole Beutler ' The Garden'

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