Monday 2 November 2015

Damn Pretty Dutch Shoes

Peter Popps
Damn Pretty Dutch Shoes is a new new platform during the Dutch Design Week 2015. The exhibition shows experimental approach to shoe design and innovative shapes.
Curated by Liza Snook (VirtualShoeMuseum) and Chris van den Elzen, the exhibition is aims to support the Dutch shoe design talent. In past years there has been a new wave of promising shoe designers in the Netherlands.

The exhibition took place at the location ’Piet Hein Eek’.

Designers: Tomasenwies, Peterson + Stoop, Peter Popps, Nienke van Dee, Chrissie Houtkooper, Janine van den Bosch, Mandy Roos, Alexander Khorikian, Chris van den Elzen, Iris van Herpen x United Nude, Ilja Visser, Dora Kloppenburg, Amber Ambrose Aurèle, René van den Berg, Ellis Droog

Ilja Visser
René van den Berg
left: Janine van den Bosch
Chris van den Elzen
Chris van den Elzen

Chrissie Houtkooper

Peterson + Stoop
Amber Ambrose Aurele

Alexander Khorikian

Nienke van Dee

Iris van Herpen x United Nude
Mandy Roos

Dora Kloppenburg


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