Wednesday 4 November 2015

Julian Zigerli “Point Fingers And Call Names”

Julian Zigerli - Point Fingers And Call Names from HILLTON on Vimeo.

The FW15 Julian Zigerli fashion film is an insight into a dark and fascinating world of vanity, lust and modern celebrity culture. The narrative follows a model fresh from the show in Milan – the show itself being the window that leads him into another dimension.
Here he meets the infamous creative photography duo, Rico and Michael, whose characters completely embody this strange landscape that the model finds himself in. They are masters of a place where lost souls have worn masks of imitation for so long that they’ve forgotten who they are – trapped in a space controlled by insecurity and celebrity obsession.
The film continues to intensify these themes until our model finally escapes. The fashion show has finished. Photographs have stopped being taken. Normality resumes…until a time arises when he’s tempted again.

Production: Hillton
Concept: Jonas Hegi & Tobias Bonfanti
Director: Jonas Hegi
Cinematography: Tobias Bonfanti
Editing &
Visual Effects: Jonas Hegi
Styling: Hélène Gagliardi
Gaffer: Jan Wittrowski
Camera Assistant: Sven Probst
Best Boy: Dominic Zimmermann
Grooming: Lena Fleischer
All clothes by Julian Zigerli

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