Tuesday 8 December 2015

HERMIONE FLYNN - performance fashion film KOMMEN

HERMIONE FLYNN premiered the performance fashion film KOMMEN at IKRA MADA Fashion Festival, winning the Best Concept Award.

KOMMEN is a meeting of dance, fashion and film. Directed by Ryan Fielding and Ryan Fielding conceptualised by performance artist and designer Hermione Flynn, this film embraces a spontaneous process of gesture and response. Wearing Flynn's (IN)DIFFERENCE concept collection, Moo Kim performs to no music- instead reacting against his environment, his clothing and the impulsivity of his emotions.
Ryan Fielding creates a soundtrack as equally reactive, a musical "call and response" to Kim's free and unstructured movements. As Kim simultaneously engages with and rebels against the environment and clothing he is placed in, the minimalist, brutal architecture of Berlin provides a dramatic setting to this performance fashion film.

Hermione Flynn is a designer and brand whose clientele share a passion and desire for clothing as an artistic medium, focusing on the creative concept, social commentary and unique design. Often presented alongside a performance art event or film, Flynn creates work that is thorough and socially challenging.


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