Thursday 17 December 2015


INFINITY, the interdisciplinary happening made it's debut at Ainsi in Maastricht.
As the name implies, INFINITY investigates the concept of infinity and how man can't even cope with thought of the infinite universe, and how small we really are when placed against the context of time and space. This thoughts bring us into the sublime. INFINITY tries to deal with this abstract matter and translates it into an visual experience by combing various disciplines like visual art, science, music and dance.
Three artists took up the challenge to dive deeply into the concept of the infinity by creating new work.
Talented dancer Uri Eugenio takes us into a world of the abstract surrounded with visual art projections of Marie van Vollenhoven while interacting with
music composed by Marc Alberto and his live ensemble.
The evening is accompanied with a side program, a performance by i-Arts student Rosa Vrij and with an exhibition by visual artist Emanuel Riksen.
INFINITY is daring new production by IN INFINITY PRODUCTIONS, an initiative by multidisciplinary artist Marie van Vollenhoven. Taking the complex narrative of the infinity the artists involved presented a piece of work that is not as easy to place or review. Whether you want it or not you play with the general experience of the audience, placing the piece in line of contemporary 'dance' performances that are on display. Are we looking at an innovative dance performance accompanied by music and art projections? Are we experiencing something new? The ingredients for a high quality interdisciplinary work are present, the challenge is how to distinguish this gesammtkunstwerk as an autonomous production where the disciplines are transcending its common language. There is no doubt that the project does generate curiosity to the overall approach to blend disciplines and therefore the praise is for the creative minds behind the work.

Emanuel Riksen installation
"IN INFINITY travels through the contemporary Gesammtkunstwerk, where disciplines meet. We see these cross-overs as an example of how our society could function. Search for the new visual language that gives meaning to our times. Visual language is a product of the Zeitgeist as well as a predictor of the Zeitgeist."

choreography & dance: Uri Eugenio (Leine Roebana – Zwaan nominee 2014)
composer & musician: Marc Alberto ( Cast Glass & Jett Rebel )
production & visual art: Marie van Vollenhoven ( KRAAi, The Act of Painting)
live music: Marc Alberto / Florian Herzog / Timothy Pedone / Maarten Reumkens / Federico Marc Alberto / Florian Herzog / Timothy Pedone / Maarten Reumkens / Federico
interaction design: Felix Herbst / Paul Kirsten (Prefrontal Cortex)
3D support: Tom Krabbe / BIC multi media
with an exhibition by Emanuel Riksen (visual artist)
side program by Rosa Vrij (iArts)
Co­‐producers:  Theater  aan  het  Vrijthof and VIA  ZUID.    In cooperation with Intro in Situ.

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