Thursday 21 January 2016

Jef Montes - Resolver

On Friday, January 15, Jef Montes presented his collection 'Resolver' during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam. With this collection he aimed to make a personal statement about the current state of fashion industry where speed and empty hypes predominate.

For this collection he developed innovative, water-soluble material made ​​of polyvinyl alcohol in collaboration with the Textile Museum Tilburg.
This material is developed in a combination of black and white yarn and has been featured in most of the collection. The unique material has been processed to rigorous silhouettes which are composed of circular and rectangular pattern parts.

During the show talented Jes Montes presented his collection with a performance where water was thrown on models on the catwalk. The initial silver dresses slowly melted away from their bodies, and the black weft yarns as gossamer ladders emerged. The clothes were destroyed and often almost completely disappeared.  The poetic statement combines innovation, performance and fashion into a balanced whole.

pictures are by Peter Stigter

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