Saturday, 4 June 2016

Walter Van Beirendonck for IKEA

Walter Van Beirendonck collection for IKEA is out!

IKEA the Swedish furniture retailer who has been famous for inexpensive minimalist design since 1943 came up with an unexpectedbut exciting twist to collaborate with the eccentric designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

“I came up with a story about characters living in the clouds, and the sun and the moon which were very sad because there’s so much going wrong in the world. They’re crying and big tears are falling down and the clouds get big holes. The cloud people really start to panic, What’s going on? Our clouds are broken!” says Van Beirendonck on his inspiration.”
And that story, in fact, became a story with different characters and also by the end, different patterns. Every character had a very specific pattern and specific look; I used this to create different ranges of prints and fabrics,” he adds.

Van Beirendonck was born 4 February 1957 in Brecht, Belgium and is a Belgian based fashion designer. He graduated in 1980 from the Royal Arts Academy in Antwerp and since 1983, had been presenting his own collections. Most of his work is inspired by the visual arts, literature, nature and ethnic influences. His unusual color combinations and a strong graphic influence are a trait for many of his collections.

In a video released by IKEA, the designer says that his textiles are based around a concept he calls Wondermooi which is the Flemish word for “beautiful”.

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