Monday 11 July 2016

10 years of Lichting

Bastian Visch
Exposition: an overview of 10 years Lichting 

During the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam all winners of the past 10 years of the Lichting where showcased. In this exhibition there where also looks from also other finalists, making it a nice trip down memory lane of the last 10 years of the one of the most relevant platforms for Dutch fashion talent.
To name a few names; Bastian Visch, David Laport, Marije de Haan, Duran Lantink, Ann Boogaerts, and Sanne Schepers who is now one of the creative minds behind the successful brands FUTURA.

Duran Lantink

Abbie Stirrup

Manon Boertien

Henriëtte Tilanus

Nikki Duijst

Yvonne Kwok

Marije de Haan

Sanne Schepers

Ann Boogaerts

Ivo Mittelmeijer

Lotte Mostert

Dusty Thomas

Karim Adduchi

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