Sunday 21 August 2016

Opening STUDIO ÇEDILLE DESIGN in Maastricht

Designer Françoise Oostwegel opens her own studio / store 'STUDIO ÇEDILLE DESIGN' in the stylish heart of Maastricht. Located in Minckelersstraat 16, STUDIO ÇEDILLE DESIGN will not only funcion as Oostwegel's studio but also as store that offers other young designers a platform to sell their work. Therefore this store is a must-see feature to Maastricht's shopping experience.

Françoise Oostwegel graduated from MAFAD in 2014 and since then, she successfully exhibited her work at various events and galleries. She is mostly known for her graduation project, a lamp titled 'ZUID' (south) and the lounge chiar FYRSTA.

'The lamp “ZUID” tells the story about the Limburg province in the South of The Netherlands. The characteristics of the Limburg province are brought to life in my lamp like the shape, material and colors.
 The traditional timbered houses and mining lamps inspired me for the shape of the lamp.
 The octagonal shape gives it a sleek design and is made out of wood. For the wood I selected a Limburg style type of oak wood. It has a beautiful wood grain and oak trees grow in my hometown – Houthem. The lamp can have multiple functions. The handle enables the user to move it around and create light in places most desired. The basic and natural materials give it a nice and clean look and make this piece very versatile.'



work by Ilona Simons, MAFAD 2016 graduate



Grijswit by Emmy Cleophas

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