Sunday 23 October 2016

Nuno Gama - SS 2017 - ModaLisboa

The 47th edition of ModaLisboa was themed around togetherness, celebrating the heritage they created over the past 25 years.
Prominent name in the Portuguese fashion scene, designer Nuno Gama celebrates national heritage like no other. The emodiment of the 'Together' was mostly felt at Gama's show. Staged against the impressive backdrop of the Das Galeotas Museum and The Praça do Império this presentation was in of Nuno Gama's spectacular happenings.
First part of the show took place inside the museum. Following all the models walked outside holding a plate with slogans such as Jew, Aids, Socialst, Hetero etc. Performance ended with models smashing the plates symbolizing celebration of  diverse society.
Despite the theatrical setting and the massage about diversity and equality the collection was mostly light and contemporary, highlighting Nuno Gama's signature menswear tailoring.

All images by brankopopovicblog.

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