Friday 4 November 2016

Adaptive Travelers - Modebelofte 2016

Joseph Standish
Modebelofte 2016 took place from October 22nd – 30th at de Bijenkorf warehouse in Eindhoven. Staged at the rooftop of de Bijenkorf in a cool exhibition scenography design by Harm Rensink and curated by Niek Pulles, Modebelofte 2016 featured around 30 progressive fashion talents recently graduated from the best international BA and MA fashion courses in an extraordinary exhibition.

 ‘Adaptive Travelers’ The theme of the 2016 edition sums up the work of the selected international top talents and can thus be viewed as an emerging global trend. Inspired as always by the unstoppable inventive nature of mankind, this year the Modebelofte - team noticed a focus on mobility and a longing for adventure.  
“Now that there is literally not a corner left in the world to discover, and mobility and migration are more often a matter of necessity rather than luxury, our autonomy is once again an important theme. This ‘up & go’ mindset turns designers into the true inventors that they are; they are designing the way we live tomorrow.”, say Niek Pulles ( Heyniek ) and Harm Rensink , who are, for the third year in a row , the curators and designers of the Modebelofte exhibition.

‘Modebelofte’ (Dutch for ‘fashion promise’), is an annual returning exhibition of innovative fashion talent during Dutch Design Week.

Designers:  Johannes Offerhaus, Timo Zündorf, Helen Kirkum, Johanna Bas Backer, Leonie van Balen, Eline Groendijk, Caoimhe Savage, Woody 's-Gravemade, Sarah Lauwaert, Nadie Borggreve, Vika Mozhaeva, Ralph W Dennis, Marianna Ladreyt, Tzu-Hsiang Hung, Yu-Jou Chung, Chun-Hsiang Tang,  Sunna Örlygsdóttir, Liam O’Sullivan, Pip Paz-Howlett, Katherine Mavridis, Joseph Standish, Liya Liu, Wendy Andreu, Max Zijun Luo, Edwin Mohney, Timothy Bouyez-Forge, Luke Stevens, Marie Maisonneuve,

Johannes Offerhaus
Sarah Lauwaert
Wendy Andreu

Tzu-Hsiang Thung

left: Nadie Borggreve
right: Luke Stevens

Marie Maisonneuve

Katherine Mavridis

Max Luo

Chun-Hsiang Tang

Caoimhe Savage

Timo Zündorf

Caoimhe Savage

Yu Jou Chung
Pip Paz-Howlett

Sunna Örlygsdóttir

Woody 's-Gravemade

Joseph Standish
Joseph Standish

Edwin Mohney

Liam O'Sullivan

Helen Kirkum

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