Tuesday 6 December 2016

Branko Popovic - Serbia Fashion Week

Branko Popovic - 'Best of Both Worlds' - collection at Serbia Fashion Week SS 2017 edition

The starting point in my work always refers to my Yugoslav roots and personal life experiences. In past years I have been drawn back into my Yugoslav heritage, finding inspiration in traditional clothing and folklore. Fascinated by question what it means to live in between two cultures I have been researching to develop a collection where I a feel at home.
With ‘Best of Both Worlds’ collection I had a desire to actually slow down and enjoy the process of the creation of a menswear collection. Based out of black, white and dark blue colors the collection consists of a mixture of graphical shapes and lines, combined with traditional costumes references. Focusing on material processing and details the collection is a contemporary approach to menswear, a clash between avant-garde and nostalgia.

Photography, Svetlana Braun

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