Thursday 1 December 2016

Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation 2016

Aina Seerden
Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show during Dutch Design Week is each year one of my favorite places to discover design talents. In past years the projects have become even more relevant and engaging with societal issues.

In this post you can discover a selection of graduation projects.

For example 'Reborn' by Pleun van Dijk in which she provides a platform for ethical questions in relation to repairing of damaged body parts and desire to keep reconstructing ourselves until we are perfect.

Debora Dax's project 'A DRESS Transition' shows a
clothing collection designed for persons born in a male body who like to express their feminine side. "Finding and fitting woman's clothing can often end up as a disillusion for them: The shoulders are too tight, the sleeves too short and often the hips are too wide. Small adjustments in forms and measurements help them to minimize masculien body characteristics and to emphasize the feminine appearance without feeling restricted in their given figure."
'Safe Ground' by Snir Gedasi is a project that presents an aboveground modular shelter with an integrated playground for children in war zones. “All the elements come at a very low cost, allowing Non-governmental Organizations to easily invest in the mental and physical wellbeing of especially children in times of war.” 

Floriane Misslin impressed with the project 'Uni—Sex', which is a is a case study in which she distilled unisex fashion imagery to denote its visual language and cultural codes.
"Archived in a book the visual analysis observes how the male and female body is represented in an idealized context of gender neutrality. Considering the images connotations in paralell to sociology and fashion history, the study extracts elements of contradiction between the unisex statement and the visual language they use. Thus the project tempts to propose new codes for a unisex imagery fitting upcoming visions of gender" 

Another remarkable project is the 'Forest Wool' by Tamara Orjola's.In this project she presents stools and carpets made from processed pine needles left over from the timber industry. By crushing, soaking, steaming, binding and pressing the needles, Orjola extracts the pine needles' fibre and transforms it into textiles, composites and paper. The process also allows essential oils and dye to be extracted and used.

Olle Lundin presented the projects 'Body Behaviour' in which he explores the body performativity in high fashion advertising and 'Qwearing the Collection' in which he explores how a queer perspective can be used to change the experience of the museum and the art on display in it, therefore provoking further thought and analysis from the visitors.
Pleun van Dijk
Fabian Briels
Emma Wessel

Océane Algaron

Océane Algaron

Robin Maas

Loes van Els
Love Ohlin
Nathan Chan

Thom Kool

Babeth Rammelt

Snir Gedasi
Snir Gedasi

Snir Gedasi

Alexandros Kotoulas

Tess Cleven

Julia Bocanet

Alica Pola Knabe

Wesley Nieuwenhuizen

Wendy Andreu

Wendy Andreu
Wendy Andreu

Kathrine Barbro Bendixen
Seungbin Yang

Emilie Desnoyer

Audrey Werthle

Nicolette Bodewes

Theresa Bastek

Tamara Orjola

Bijschrift toevoegen

Bijschrift toevoegen

Joshua Woolford

Juhee Hahm

Olle Lundin
Olle Lundin

Olle Lundin

Olle Lundin

Anne Stroom

Leonie Schepers

Anne Texier

Debora Dax

Debora Dax

Debora Dax
Floriane Misslin
Yara van Tilburg

Wouter Vastenouw

Bianca Gorini

Lucandrea Beraldi

Hannah van Luttervelt

Kris Vleugels

Kumi Oda
Kumi Oda

Daeun Lim

Francois Bonnot, Deborah Janssens

Michèle Degen

Michèle Degen

Chan Chiao Chun

Jing He

Soo Ji Lee

Jhen Chen

Henrique Hascimento

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