Monday 20 March 2017

David Ferreira FW 17/18 - ModaLisboa Boundless

David Ferreira “The Freakball” Collection
David Ferreira’s AW17/18 collection is inspired by the strikingly unusual and unique. Research began at the circus and its origins, but it was in sideshows and freak shows that he plunged head first into his collection.
Even though the foundation of the David Ferreira autumn winter collection lays in the film “Freaks” (1932), the book “Freak Show” by Roben Bogdan, The Victorian Freak Show and the work of photographer, Joel-Peter Witkin, the collection isn’t a literal inspiration of human deformities and biological rarities, instead it is a celebration of the beauty of singularity, individuality and rarity.
Uniqueness is the true meaning of luxury. There is nothing more exclusive than the singular and Ferreira’s pieces play with the shape of the woman’s silhouette, creating a visual poetry that blurs the lines between thing and person, portraying the feeling of holding uniqueness in the highest regards.
The “The Freakball” collection is a celebration of individuality, of not fitting into society’s stereotype of ‘normal’. This collection plays with volumes created by ruffles, gatherings, pattern cutting and straightened Mongolian lamb.
The colour palette sees midnight blue, baby blue, chartreuse yellow, turquoise and pinks from chock to pale on silk double duchesses satins, silk satins, silk crepe satins, Mongolian lamb, tulle and woven metal fabric.

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