Friday 17 March 2017


dress by Fong Leng
From March 17 until Juli 2 Modemuze is guest at OBA in Amsterdam.

The exhibition Modemuze@OBA provides the enthusiasts the richness of fashion, costume and accessories that are in Dutch museum collections.
From historical clothing to contemporary creations of young designers like Jef Montes and Luca Kemkes, you can discover it at this special exhibition. 

Modemuze is a cooperation of twelve Dutch museums with a unique fashion and costume collection.
Under the name Modemuze the museums are collaborating to permanently present these collections online. They aim to connect a growing amount of Dutch fashion and costume collections and present them as a source of inspiration for fashion lovers, professionals and fashionistas.
The thousands of garments and accessories in these museums represent many stories about their creators and wearers, about the changes in taste, about imagination and identity. These collections are very vulnerable because of their frigile textiles and therefore not permanently visible to the public. gives you 24/7 the opportunity to wander through centuries, get inspired and share the beauty of costume heritige.

Luca Kemkes

Felt Wedding Dress, Claudy Jongstra

Stone Dress by Jef Montes, from the 'Velero' collection AW 2015/16
Central Museum Utrecht

Comme des Garçons dress, inspired by 18th and 19th century fashion
spring / summer 2014
Plastic Handbag
Tassenmuseum Hendrijke

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