Tuesday 11 April 2017

FASHIONCLASH Chengdu - Future of Fashion - Performances

FASHIONCLASH Chengdu - Future of Fashion: Performances

FASHIONCLASH, jointly with Chinese partners Punch Me, Cross Lab and Dutch-Chinese organization About Asia presented “FASHIONCLASH 2017: Future of Fashion” in Chengdu (China).
The opening weekend contained a two day event with performances by promising Dutch theatre performers Lotte Milder, Mami Izumi, Anthony van Gog and Milou van Duijnhoven. In addition a group of Chinese dancers from a local dance company have where included in the series of performances.
The scenography and (art) direction is created in cooperation with Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck.
Mami Izumi started the show with an interactive performance, setting the curiousity and concentration for what awaits behind the curtian installation. Inside the installation Lotte Milder performs an addapted version of 'One, no one, 100.000'. Followed by an explosive 'Phoenix' by Milou van Duijnhoven and a performance by Anthony van Gog.
The whole presentation featured five individual performances that where connected with theatrical acts inspired by the concept to guide the audience through various ways to experience the exhibition. This live performance element within an exhibition context is a unique approach to showcase contemporary fashion and create a more enriched experience for the viewer.

More about the exhibition: here

Visual guide through the performances. 
All images by brankopopovicblog.

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