Thursday 6 April 2017

Sofie Letitre - Elevate

The video is directed by Belgian director Tobi Jonson and inspired by Rilke’s poem ‚The Panther’. Featured in the video is work by fashion designer Jef Montes.

"Being strong and fragile at the same time. As a person, as a woman and as a man. I am really proud of how the video turned out. The symbolism and overall atmosphere of the video is breathtaking to me.” - Sofie Letitre

"What position will she take in this timeless, desolate place being surrounded by men? Lover, mother, ruler... Who needs who? Do we live to fill each others inner void? Or is it the other way round? I think it’s the balance between the others and you. ‚The Panther’, a poem by Rilke, was a big inspiration for this video." - Tobi Jonson

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