Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Encounter with Emir Medic

Meet Emir Medic, an emerging designer based in Hamburg (Germany), originally from Doboj (Bosnia and Herzegovina). In addition to his self titled fashion brand he works as a costume designer for various theatre companies and productions. Recently he presented his latest collection during Sarajevo Fashion Week. While following his work online and after the release of the new collection I got curious to find out more about Emir and his aspirations. 

Have a look at Emir Medic's latest collection and read what he has to say about his work.

BP: Can you tell me something about the inspiration behind the collection?
EM: In a dialog with Caroline Hauff’s pictures the impulse arouse to work with boundlessness time and perception. We create collages from our own inspiration. The past and the future exist only as non-measurable time, more so as a spiritual abstraction. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to consciously experience things our mind hides from us? I discovered the answer to this question in my collection „Infinite AW17/18“. I’m experimenting in many ways and trying to grow with every collection. This collection is a collage inspired by materials and forms, by the feeling that it transports when carried and being looked at.  

Emir Medic
BP:What do you aspire with your 'fashion brand'? 
EM: I do not think that my goals are any different than those of other young designers. For now, I am looking to place my label in specific stores and online-shops. To start off, the collection will be available on my website. In the near future I would like to expand my studio and maybe even move it to Bosnia, but all in due time. The importance is never to lack new ideas and motivation.

BP: How was the experience at Sarajevo Fashion Week?
EM:I followed the invitation to Nivea Fashion Week Sarajevo in April of last year and was impressed by the organisation, the people and the positive reaction towards my work. It had been 8 years since my last visit to my home country, Bosnia, and was deeply touched by the warm welcome I received. Apart from the positive feedback and new clients, great friendships arose.

BP: How would you describe your design aesthetic? 
EM: A spectator at Sarajevo Fashion Week described my looks as unusual and refreshing. Emir Medic’s woman is modern, independent and humorous without putting aside her femininity. Individual cool looks, experimental materials and cuts, brave but not disguised. For me, fashion is just one way of expressing my creativity. My motto is „Keep it simple!“. Design should be perceived as an overall performance of the team involved. An inspiration for this is Andy Warhol’s „Factory“ and its use as a borderless creative space. Working together and working together towards something. I am in constant communication and collaboration with Caroline Hauff, she was responsible for all prints in the last two collections. We also have Fabian Jürgen collaborating with us. He is in charge of corporate design for Emir Medic.

BP: You have experience in costume design for theatre, is this something you will continue to do? 

EM: Of course! I enjoy every project in the theater, it takes me to another world where I learn and grow a lot. During this upcoming theatre season I have three engagements as a costume designer in the theatre (Franz Kafka - America, Director Alexander Riemenschneider - Theater Bremen, Istanbul - Director Selen Kara Schauspielhaus Bochum, Träum weiter - Nasrin Samdereli - Director Selen Kara, Schauspielhaus Bochum) and early next year I will be involved in an opera.

BP: What are differences between costume design and fashion design? 

EM: Not too many. The creative phases are relatively similar. The results, however, can be different and similar at the same time. As a fashion designer and costume designer I help the person who carries my work to transport a certain message. When working as a costume designer you have a theme, a role, a story to tell. It is the costume designers and actors responsibility to work together to capture the audience. It is crucial to be sensitive to the story and the director’s vision in order to bring to life his ideas successfully. And never run out of new ideas! When designing my own collection I am way more focused on Zeitgeist and my perception and cannot rely on the directors opinion. The responsibilities shift.  

More information:  Instagram @emirmedic 

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