Sunday 25 June 2017

iNDiViDUALS S/S 2018

iNDiViDUALS by Amfi Generation 23

Don’t think conservatively, wear it instead.
There is no doubt we currently have the most conservative political cabinets in power. From Brexit to Trump; conservatism could be sense all around us. Inspired by today’s NOT-so-forward-thinking political landscape, student reality school brand iNDiViDUALS took over the Kohnstammhof to present their S/S18 collection. Tonight, Wednesday June 21st, the young creatives dared to turn their collection into a statement that can only instigate positive change.

iNDiViDUALS S/S18 is a collection of the most iconic and timeless menswear garments in the form of tailored silhouettes in exaggerated proportions. The collection aims to resemble the mindset of those who don’t like change, giving them a taste of their own medicine in the process. In the words of the students: “Our collection is the perfect remedy for the conservatives: turning classical items into exaggerated designs. It tells them exactly what they want to hear in order to awake their senses”.

Hierarchy in the fashion world isn’t cool anymore. As a statement, Generation 23 decided to be the first Generation to have an open air event, accessible for everyone. With 50 models walking over the Kohnstammhof, the garments of the ready-to-wear collection looked timeless, intentionally awkward and strictly masculine, to be worn by women.

The collection featured out-of-proportion silhouettes, in the most - can we say it? – predictable colours like Patriotic Blue, Corduroy Bordeaux and Breath-taking Camel. Conservative prints like Shirting-stripe cotton and Check were found on spencers, blazers and overcoats. The S/S 18 collection proves that a sense of humour can be wrapped up in a fashion statement. Literally. Ten models were covered in handmade plastic garment bags inspired by the thought of preserving and holding on to what we already know.
For the first time ever, iNDiViDUALS opted to sell the whole collection directly after the show in a ‘see now, buy now’ pop-up store, located at the same venue. Consisting of oneof- a-kind and limited edition pieces, the collection will be available from March 2018 in selected stores. 

All images by Team Peter Stigter


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