Saturday 24 June 2017


NENUKKO presents vegan collection Interlude.Disrupted at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017

Saturday 1 July, Polish Nenukko will launch the vegan collection: Interlude.Disrupted on the 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival at the SAM-decorfabriek Maastricht. The genderless NENUKKO models will run the catwalk in show 5 (from 20:30 – 21:00 hrs.). Don’t miss it! For tickets got to


"Our main concern was to channel the spirit of the present times into universal set of clothing that fits the hidden psychical needs of every man. Our goal was to transform everyday clothing into a protective uniform, one that is comfortable and practical. Thick, raw denim was used in most of the pieces in order to emphasise the armour effect when confronted with the softness of human skin. The elements of the collection can be combined or worn separately, which allows to experiment with different looks in line with to personal style or current mood. Limited range of colours - such as indigo, black and white - highlights the tension between the scale and structure of each piece. The collection is entirely vegan. "

NENUKKO is a design team creating in the spirit of the unisexual simplicity and acting out of its own principle: without over-interpretation, without limitation, away from the consumer madness. The preferred fabric is knitwear, whose technical features allow to realize the basic ideological assumption: the universality of sex. The authors' purpose is the visual inventiveness and reaching beyond the classical stylistic conventions. In this way, fashion is understood as a multithreaded process of change, in which the authors include themselves with all possible precautionary.

Since the end of the world as we knew it becomes more and more palpable, our collection became a statement about the spiritual condition of the modern European society. While exploring the links between internal human needs and external influences on many different planes of reference, we acknowledged an extreme tension between those two dimensions. In these turbulent times, the need of psychological repression translates into clothes that serve as a shield while experiencing uncertainty and fear. Since the biggest challenge in the modern world is to preserve one’s vulnerability from the political, economic and social pressure, the collection consists of enlarged and sometimes amorphous shapes that isolate the body from any unwanted impact. At this point fashion becomes a masking instrument to preserve a peculiar comfort zone and a sense of security. Dressing up is like hiding in a shell which seems to be the only possible way to hear our own thoughts. Our intuition is that this stage might either lead to escapism or activism, depending on the depth of self-discovery. There are important questions to be answered in order to change our reality and mindset. We believe that the new era can only start after confronting our own limitations, accepting our weaknesses and overcoming our fears. A certain level of meditation is needed to reach this level of self-awareness, and our pieces were made to be used as a tool in this highly intimate process.
The collection is planned, designed and produced as sustainable in compliance with NENUKKO’s general idea. Our products are made with the support of local manufacturers, in a short production chain, which results in viable impact on reducing emissions. We don’t use any animal products – no leather, wool, silk, feathers or fur. Our consumers are eco-oriented and interested in implementing sustainable solutions in their life. In the presented collection we use only natural fabrics or leftovers from other seasons. There are also some upcycled pieces made of old and unwanted clothes.

NENUKKO clothing can be classified as urban wear drawing on elements from different areas of fashion: from pure street culture to the minimalist elegance. The main axis of the brand's aesthetic is syncretism, which is believed by the authors to capture the spirit of our time at its best. NENUKKO brand mission is to promote hi-end clothing design corresponding with practical and aesthetical needs of modern man. NENUKKO collections remain an alternative to the mainstream trends – they are created to satisfy the taste of those who seek outstanding clothing design.

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Photography Pszemek Dzienis

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