Thursday 8 June 2017


Do you wear a SHIT-SHIRT?

SHI[R]T is an innovative platform that focusses on transparency, honesty and locally produced garments, founded by Eva Wagensveld and Jeffrey Heiligers. The online platform offers a collection of progressive, young designers that get a chance to put their garments on the market and sell them. Inspired by the Fashion Manifesto of Lidewij Edelkoort; “How can a garment be cheaper then a sandwich?” the two designers started this initiative. The goal is to create awareness about the buying behaviour in our society and the impact it has on the environment. “We noticed that a lot of people do not make conscious purchases when they shop.” according to the founders Eva en Jeffrey. “With this platform we want to make them more aware of their buying behaviour and change this.”

Encouraging a conscious choice when it comes to buying clothes has been a starting point of SHI[R]T. Focussing on bringing designers together that embrace a sustainable vision towards fashion and society. The platform distinguishes itself by giving designers the freedom to form a unique mix of sustainable production methods and / or material use. SHI[R]T shows that sustainable clothes do not necessarily have to be dull but can be very innovative and inspiring.

To interact with society SHI[R]T asks the following question: “How much do you value a T-shirt?”. You can donate money in exchange for a SHI[R]T. The money raised will be used to continue the development of the platform for young and upcoming talent with a sustainable vision.

The initiative will be launched during the opening evening of FASHIONCLASH Festival, focussing on the topic ‘Does fashion make sense’ in Maastricht on June 30 - July 2.

More information and a video are showcased at our website

About Eva Wagensveld 
Eva Wagensveld (1992) is co-founder of SHI[R]T and has her own sustainable label named BLACKBLEACH. During her studies Fashion & Design at AMFI she had always been fascinated by the amount of waste in the fashion industry. After her graduation collection based on the mass consumer culture, Eva wanted to commit to change. By designing her garments out of second-hand items and left-over fabrics she found a solution that suits her impulsive design aesthetics. This makes every item unique and carrying three stories: The previous owner, the story of BLACKBLEACH and the new owner.

About Studio Jeffrey Heiligers 
Jeffrey Heiligers (1988) is co-founder of SHI[R]T that he founded together with Eva Wagensveld. After his studies in mechanical engineering he graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014, within the departement ‘Men and Well-Being’. With his own label Studio Jeffrey Heiligers he reflects on both disciplines and combines technology, movement and the human body. His graduation project ‘Posture’ shows a new angle within the fashion industry. He designed garments that not only focus on their appearance but also have a technical aspect to them. By re-designin the back pattern of a garment he provides a simple solution to remind the user to sit up straight.

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