Friday 7 July 2017


What If 
a performance by AKATAK

"We are in the same room, but I don't even know which clothes you're wearing. The ones that you've choosen so carefully this morning. I'm sorry I didn't say something about it, or didn't even look. Really, I am." 

WHAT IF is about the moment of bloom that could have taken place but never took place. The performance stems with a fascination for the "What if..." questions during the deathbed. The vulnerable and tragic moment of human looking back. 

Performance by AKATAK Performer: Lotte Milder Costume design: Lotte Milder Costume made by: Jennifer Kerkvliet
Light and projection: Karlijn Milder and Mats Logen Production company: AKATAK Co-producion by Via Zuid and FASHIONCLASH

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