Wednesday 19 July 2017

Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk

Atelier. by Lotte van Dijk at Amsterdam Fashion Week

One of the highlights this year at Amsterdam Fashion Week this summer was the collection by Atelier. , label by talented designer Lotte van Dijk. 

After completing her fashion master's programme at ArtEZ she got noticed by being one of the finalitsts at Hyères Festival 2017.
In her work she combines art and clothing and produces all of her designs herself. She works like an artist treating each garment as a piece of art. All of her garments are beautiful in their own way and like wearable pieces of art.

“By painting on fabric and draping with the result, you keep the strength of the illustration and immediately see the impact of the painting on the silhouette - the relationship is clear, as opposed to a two dimensional print, developed independently.” 

Find more about Atelier.

All pictures are by brankopopovicblog

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