Tuesday 18 July 2017

Barbara Langendijk x Noon Passama

Barbara Langendijk x Noon Passama at Amsterdam Fashion Week presented a beautiful collection with a performance developed in collaboration with House of Makers.

Barbara Langendijk x Noon Passama met during their studies at the ArtEZ Fashion Masters. Barbara designs clothing and Noon is a jewellery designer. For this collaboration they were inspired by traditional smocking and gathering.
"Today's presentation is inspired by the people who use to wear a smocked garment, called the 'smock frock', which historically were a group pf tough men, shepherds and wagonists. Together with interdisciplinary arts company House of Makers, we developed a scene in which the audience and the models are placed in a context inspired by the shepherds and wagonists. However, in a play on the historical context, the shepherds are replaced by the models, and the audience is herded by them, confined and forced to view them from an opposite position than is usual for a fashion show."


Photography by brankopopovicblog

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