Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Klaudia Stavreva - Amsterdam Fashion Week

One of the coolest shows this year at Amsterdam Fashion Week was by Klaudia Stavreva who showed a personal collection. Her father opened the show, followed by a very simple yet fresh and effective choreography; needless to say a very strong cast of models.

Recently graduated from the ArtEZ Fashion Masters, the German born designer with Macedonian origin presented her collection BOSSTVRVA TEIL, which is a follow up to her master collection.
The presentation was enriched by a video-clip from her childhood. In this video, Klaudia and her sister put on their fathers HUGO BOSS suit to play dress up.

"I was inspired by the Sworn Virgins in Albania. They're women who live men's lives. They take a vow never to marry or have children, so that they (for instance because of a shortage of men in the family) can work to support the family. While I was doing this research, I suddenly thought about how my sister and I used to dress up in our father's BOSS suits, so I decided to combine the two stories together." 

All images by brankopopovicblog

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