Wednesday 12 July 2017

Mario Leko at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2017

           'Here She Lies, Sir' performance by Mario Leko

Mario Leko is a Belgium based costume designer and artist. Originally from Croatia, Mario is currently doing a Master Scenography at the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts. With support of FASHIONCLASH and Via Zuid, he presented the first part of a project, which is built around Ophelia and her “notably disregarded” drowning scene.
The autonomy of the image and the relationship between perception and interpretation are at the center of the practice of photographer, costume and set designer and video artist Mario Leko. In the context of his Scenography Master at the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts he focusses on three female Shakespeare characters. The performance “Here she lies, sir” imposes the same question to its performers as to its audience: How much of what we call femininity is constructed trough images?
Together with actress Darya Gantura and singer Juriji der Klee, Mario Leko participated at the opening night of FASHIONCLASH Festival. The presentation was the talk of the evening thanks to the sunning performance of Darya Gantura and singer Juriji der Klee.


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