Thursday, 26 October 2017

Nair Xavier x Diniz & Cruz - Moda Lisboa Luz

Nair Xavier x Diniz & Cruz
Spring Summer 2018 Moda Lisboa Luz

This collection is a reflection on the ancestry, heritage and cultural survival of Afro-descendant people. Its background is the struggle for equality and the legacy of the revolutionary group, Black Panthers, in the 1970s.
Analyzing the adaptation, evolution and globalization, arises the question: How much of ourselves have we lost from generation to generation? The Maasai tribe comes as an answer. Africa is the cradle of the world and of ancestry. Despite evolution and globalization, the Maasai maintained their essence, customs and traditions through adaptation, being today one of the most persistent tribes in the African continent.
Through the affirmation of the Maasai identity and the struggle for equality of the Black Panther, as ancestral and cultural heritage of Afro-descendant individuals, NgaKUYAA is born.

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