Sunday 12 November 2017

Digital Realists - Modebelofte 2017

Sander Bos

Digital technologies have impacted our world to such an extent that we can hardly remember or even imagine a pre-digital reality, other than the vaguely romantic notion of it being ‘real’ at least. The speed with which digital technologies have developed has been quite bewitching; propelling us into unknown territory, be it in terms of behavioral psychology or mere aesthetics, and leaving others behind in their dysfunctional analogue age.

Modebelofte’s theme for 2017 - ”Digital Realists” - proposes a refreshing stance towards this modern day chasm: a down to earth and hands on embrace of the digital age as the new normal. Instead of allowing our minds to be sucked into the information cloud, why not bring the cloud down to street level and travel through time and space together? Instead of allowing virtual reality to disengage us from the tangible world, why not just hold each other’s hand and share in its joys? And instead of indulging in total control over each and every pixel of a carefully edited wet dream, why not just allow this pixelated perfection to mingle freely with the transient grittiness that comes with the real thing?
Maddie Williams
Participats 'Digital Realists'
- Fabio Bigondi (Polimoda, Italy)
- Sander Bos (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium)
- Alexa Chia Wan Yu (Parsons The New School for Design)
- Aimee Determan (University of Westminster, United Kingdom)
- Kira Goodey (Royal College of Art, United Kingdom)
- Iuliia Gulina (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium)
- Han Kim (Royal College of Art, United Kingdom)
- ChungIn No (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, United Kingdom)
- Creepy Outfit Lab (Secret)
- Chorong Lim (London College of Fashion, United Kingdom)
- Laishu Lin (Polimoda, Italy) Lauren Rowlinson (University of Salford, United Kingdom)
- Christian Stone (Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, United Kingdom)
- Marta Twarowska (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium)
- Nathaly Vlaun (Rietveld Academy, The Netherlands)
- Maddie Williams (Edinburgh College of Art, United Kingdom)
- Emily Witham (Middlesex University, United Kingdom)
- Zheng Pei Yuan (Shih Chien University, Taiwan)

pictures: brankopopovicblog
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Laishu Lin

Creepy outfit lab

Christian Stone

Kira Goodey

Iuliia Gulina

Fabio Bigondi

Han Kim

Han Kim

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