Thursday 9 November 2017

Karim Adduchi - Ode to the Berber woman

Karim Adduchi SS18 collection as ode to the Berber woman 

Moroccan designer Karim Adduchi presented his new collection "She Has 99 Names" in the Dove in Amsterdam on Wednesday, November 8th . In addition to Karim himself an immigrant, he works with his collections together with Syrian, Russian and Eritrean laborers and artists, who recently found their home in Amsterdam. He specifically aimed at workers whose work you do not often encounter on the catwalk.

In "She Has 99 Names" Karim has given an oath to the women he had around when he lived in Imzouren as a child; the Berber village where he was born too. Adduchi shows these women in their distinctive complexity: beautiful and confused, sad and sad, furious and fragile.
Adduchi dives in the rich heritage of Morocco prior to each collection. He designs woolen fabrics, hand-woven by local laborers. Adduchi: "I want to revive local crafts, and transform them into contemporary looks." 

Even though Adduchi is not a political artist, he tries to map social problems with his art. Immigrants and refugees invite him to work with him in his collections. At first, these people were all unknowns, but their shared passion for craftsmanship and design brought them together. Adduchi does not like the title refugee :"It's very limiting. I work with two Syrian tailors, a woodworker from Aleppo, an Eritrean embroiderer. They bring all the skills. " 

" It was a crazy mix of people. We had a Syrian tailor who cut patterns at a table, five Moroccan women embroidering and chatting at another table and a half naked model dressed in the middle. Total culture shock. Yet the people all returned. A Moroccan elderly lady prepared cooked chicken tajine for all who we ate together between the substances together. " 

About Karim Adduchi 
Illustrator, painter and fashion designer Karim Adduchi was born in Imzouren, Morocco, in 1988. He grew up in a family of tailors. He moved with his family to Barcelona at age five. For the first time, Karim enrolled into primary school. After seeing his drawings, his school mentor advised him to attend art school. He did, and during the next ten years Karim developed his technique in Italian painting and drawing. Karim continued his studies for two years at the Pompeu Fabra Academy where he developed his personal style, which he later refined at the Fine Arts University of Barcelona. In 2010 he moved to Amsterdam to continue his training at the fashion department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. His graduation collection She Knows Why the Caged Bird Sings received international press coverage. The collection combined traditional Berber craftsmanship with sharp tailoring. In 2016 Adduchi presented She Lives Behind the Courtyard Door in which he once more confirmed his talent as a designer. As in his previous collection, he used the rich cultural heritage of Morocco as a foundation on which to build. He draws the fabrics away from connotations such as exotic and oriental and presents them in a present-day style, on equal footing: design, couture.

photography: Team Peter Stigter

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