Wednesday 15 November 2017

Vivian Heyms - The Modern Dutchman

Vivian Heyms presented her project 'The Modern Dutchman' at TAC during Dutch Design Week.Graduated from AKV|St.Joost, with her project Vivian questions the Dutch Identity.

When my work, the modern Dutchman, was created, there were many conversations in the media about Dutch identity. For me this was the reason to start investigating with the question: "What is the Dutch identity?" I don't think I can give an unambiquous answer to this. After all, identity is always in motion. But what I want to show with this work is a contemporary image of the Netherlands. 

What struck me is that the cultural heritage is experienced as typically Dutch, even now in the present. While many art objects are not representative of the Netherlands of today, but also not of the Netherlands of the time when original artworks were made. The image did not give a complete picture of the reality at that time. It's a one-sided perspective. For this reason, I think it is time to change this image and thereby show a more representative image of the Modern Dutchman.

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