Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Vivian Heyms - The Modern Dutchman

Vivian Heyms presented her project 'The Modern Dutchman' at TAC during Dutch Design Week.
Graduated from AKV|St.Joost, with her project Vivian questions the Dutch Identity.

In a changing Netherlands there is an indistinctness about our country and our citizens. And there is an ongoing search for the Dutch Identity. And a clear call for nostalgia. ​
Our Identity has a lot of different aspects but what we all recognize and acknowledge, is our cultural heritage and our directness. In this project the modern Dutchman is put into our cultural heritage in a simple and direct way. In this way it aims to connect the old Netherlands to the modern Netherlands and the other way around. ​
The illustrations were placed on top of everyday products to portray and show the beauty of the modern Dutchman. In this modern interpretation of classic Dutch cultural heritage, you can see that the Netherlands is constantly changing but remains the same.

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