Friday 22 December 2017

Goran Sidjimovski - Liminal Lines

Goran Sidjimovski is a Berlin-based knitwear designer with affinity for experimenting with structures and yarns. His work is strongly influenced by theoretical concepts, meanings and words interpretation, and pushes the boundaries of what knitting can be.

He graduated at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin in September 2017 and during his placement year interned at the leading flat-knitting machine manufacturer company Stoll. With his graduate collection Liminial Lines he was selected as 1 of 6 graduates worldwide by the Textile Museum in Tilburg to work on a collaborative knit project.

The graduate collection Liminal Lines explores the concept of liminality and interprets its discursive meanings (transition, transformation, ambiguity, in-betweenness) from a contemporary perspective in relation to gender and querness.

The liminality is seen as standing on the threshold. It is flexible and does not have a fixed identity or direction. Sometimes it bends to the left, sometimes to the right and sometimes at both sides at the same time. By working on, and with its own disorientation, it discovers several new orientations and inhabits them partially, interchangeably or even simultaneously. At times it just stands besides the threshold and reflects upon what it actually means to stand on a threshold. The observed queer is aware of the violable binary presence and does not try to move in one strict direction. It understands the feminine and masculine not as opposites, but as inhabiting the same space at the same time. They does not see liminality as a transition with direction, but as a life-long process for critical analysis of hegemonic vicious norms.

Lookbook credits

photo: Carlitos Trujullo
model: Fritz alm @ Viva models Berlin
hair & mua: Gianluca Venerdini

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